About Our Business

Best Backyard Nursery in Whittier

Mystic Garden is a Licensed Backyard Nursery with unbelievably priced plants. We provide great deals on trees, perennial plants, and flowering bushes. We sell wholesale to the public. We also offer advice on planting and caring for the plants. Give us a call at 828-399-0244 today!

From Trees to Flowering Bushes

At our backyard nursery, we love nothing more than helping home owners set the stages for an exquisite landscape, whether you are looking for just the right addition to a current landscape or you've never seen a bedding plant before. Even if you’re just window shopping, don’t worry: we love to meet new people and see new faces. If you're facing a conundrum about a particular landscape or plant type, we can help.

Our Staff

Our operations are handled by owners with a rich experience that will guarantee your visit and purchase worthwhile. We are knowledgeable in designing, planning, and planting details that will enrich your landscape. We will endeavour to offer you maximum enjoyment on your homes landscape. We will listen to your needs, challenges, and devise effective means of handling your issue with a wide range of products from our nursery.